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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last Post

The time has come to say goodbye to our blog. As we continue to grow, we are finding that we need one central Spooneez site. I have loved working on our blog and creating a place where people can find information about our wonderful product.

This site will close down soon or will redirect you to:

Thank you again to everyone for all of your support!

Maythi & Robin

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smarty Sponsor - Spooneez

We are so proud to be Smarty Sponsors on Triad Smarty Pants! Check out their site - Triad Smarty Pants - and see what you think! If you are visiting from our button link on TSP, welcome to Spooneez! We hope you'll look around and browse our great products!

You can now purchase a Spooneez from our blog - scroll down on the right & simply choose the size you're interested in. The links will take you straight to the products page!

If you'd like to add our Spooneez button to your blog or site, scroll down and you will find the code on the right hand side under our snazzy green & purple logo!

Hope everyone is well and again thank you for all your support. And remember, new fabrics are in the works, and our new combinations should be available in August!

Maythi & Robin

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New fabrics are here!

Our new fabric selections have arrived and they are GORGEOUS! We have names for all but one combination and we need your help!

At Spooneez, we love a poll - because we love your input!

SO, vote to the right for your favorite name for the pattern combination featured below. These new patterns should be available for purchase soon!

AND, stay tuned for our newest product...a portable placemat! We have had many requests for a placemat version of Spooneez, so we are busy perfecting it and hope to have it out this summer!


Maythi & Robin

Monday, May 25, 2009

How do YOU use your Spooneez?

So, we've been told Spooneez can be used in a variety of ways, not just to carry dirty spoons/utensils, baby food, wipes, etc. Some use, even the Original size, to carry their child's toothbrush and toothpaste (although I think you'd have to be stashing a small toothbrush and travel-size toothpaste), medicine, bug bite cream, hand sanitizer...the list goes on. It has been neat to hear about how Spooneez can be so versatile - who knew??

However, one of the sweetest "How do YOU use your Spooneez?" responses we have received, was from my nephew Liam who is 2 years old. He does not like his food touching yucky surfaces and so his Mommy, being very smart, turned his Spooneez into a placemat!! She sent a picture of a proud Liam, eating his snack at the pool, keeping his food from getting gross thanks to his very own Spooneez!

I think he has opened a creative can of worms...Robin & I may be looking at a new Spooneez spin-off in the near future! Thanks Liam :)

Oh, and we HAVE to ask - How do YOU use your Spooneez? Email us (Maythi or Robin) and let us know! And if you have not yet bought your Spooneez, what are you waiting for?? Go to to order online.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spooneez on the News

Spooneez news debut!

Thank you to Triad Smarty Pants for the awesome plug on their "Mommy must haves for the summer" segment on the FOX8 Morning News today! The piece was wonderful and had so many great ideas. Join their site and you can be a Smarty too!! We were thrilled to be included as a summer "mommy must have"!!

Here is the link to the news story FOX8 News - TSP Click Triad Smarty Pants link to access the full story.

Maythi & Robin